Top 30 Ways to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers in 2020

Top 30 Ways to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers in 2020

When we think about social networking sites for professionals automatically Linkedin will come first in our mind. So today we will talk about how to increase LinkedIn company page followers. 

Nowadays most B2B companies should optimize their Linkedin page, it gives the opportunity to more than 467 million active and engaged professionals distributed over 200 countries. It is an individual powerful tool in B2B marketing space. 

Creating a Linkedin company page is an easy part, but things are that when a company page is not getting followed by people. The company needs to produce engaging content that gives shares and increase your online visibility. This article will look at 30 ways to increase Linkedin followers.

  1. Get Your Employees on Linkedin

If your company’s employees are on Linkedin then tell them to show you are working in this company. While doing this they become followers of your page.

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  1. Optimize for Optimal Amplification

Optimizing the content for optimal amplification. According to Linkedin, “best of” lists get almost 40% more amplification than regular company posts.


  1. Add Linkedin Plugin

 Always use Linkedin company follow plugin on your website, blog, and link on YouTube channel. This will increases your probability of followers.

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  1. Share Company Videos

Share your company’s videos with your followers and it is also visible to anyone if you are using relevant hashtags according to your videos in the description. A study shows that if anybody engages with videos on Linkedin the chances of shares and comment increase.

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  1. Optimization of Linkedin Page 

Optimize your Linkedin page according to search engines and for humans also. Always put the targeted keywords in your description as well as in your post that defines well about your products and services. Make sure that you set a custom URL for your company. This is the most important thing to increase LinkedIn company page followers. 

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  1. Engagement with Your Network

Always engage with your connections and Linkedin page followers. If you are not engaging with your network there is no point in growing your page. 

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  1. Join Linkedin Group

Start engaging in Linkedin groups. Join and participate in your industry-specific groups, share your thoughts, insights and ask questions as well. People will start getting to know about you and your company and they will check out your profile and company page as well.

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  1. Company Announcement

Share your company news, announcements, new products, and news services on your page. 

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  1. Promote Linkedin Page

Always promote your Linkedin page or post via your other marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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  1. Creation of Showcase Pages

If you have multiple no. of product categories, services or any company initiatives then you need to create multiple Linkedin Showcases pages. It gives you more opportunities to increase the visibility of your brand.

  1. Add Linkedin Share Button

As we know that we write articles on the website, so don’t forget to add a Linkedin share button.

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  1. Link to your Signature

 Add the company page link to your email signature.

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  1. Regular Post on Linkedin Pulse

Make a strategy for regular posts on Linkedin Pulse. It will give a chance to increase your company visibility by shares and comments on each article.


  1. Monitor Your Analytics

Always monitor your Linkedin analytics to get to know about what kind of content is more engageable by your audience. It will give a chance to post more engageable content to increase share and comments.

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  1. Share Image Content

 Always use images in your post. Images seek more attention to your posts and increase engagement and visibility.

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  1. Sharing of Posts

Always tell to your employees to share your page post for maximum visibility.

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  1. Follow Your Industry Friends

Follow another company page in your industry. Start engaging with their post and share as well. One day you will get a return of that.


  1. Add Company Widgets

Add your company widget to your website sidebar, it shows relevant info about the company.

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  1. Avoid Promotion

Make sure to avoid self-promotion. Follow the 80/20 rule 80% would be informative and 20% would be promotional content.


  1. Create Linkedin Group

Create an industry-related group or own company group to discuss the change in the market and share valuable information in the group. This would increase the engagement with your brand group and it will automatically increase LinkedIn company page followers.

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  1. Be active on Current Company Job

Always shares your current job on your page. It will also increase the followers at the employee level.On your personal profile and also employee profile, showcase the company as a current working company.


  1. Leverage from Current Connections

Take leverage from your existing Linkedin connections to grow your page. Ask them to follow your page and share the page as well.


  1. Make Personal Connection 

Connect personally with your top content consuming LinkedIn members so that they can directly share your content.


  1. Ask Question

Questioning is a starter of any good conversation which leads to getting good results. So ask questions to your followers. Linkedin gets around 50% more engagement and comment than posts.


  1. Make Eye-Catching Header Image

Make your header image more eye-catching to grab the attention of your visitors. The image must be well optimized and visible all written text in desktop, tablet, and mobile.


  1. Post-Trending News

Check Out the trending news in your industry-specific using Google Trends and write about these topics.

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  1. Regular Posting

Make a monthly calendar to post around 20-25 times to your page. It allows reaching approximately 60% of your followers.


  1. Share Linkedin Post on other Social Platforms

Always share your Linkedin Post on other social media platforms. This will increase engagement to your post and increase your Linkedin followers.

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  1. Add Link To Other Platforms

Always add a Linkedin page link to other online platforms. It is having a more chance to visit on your Linkedin page.


32. Share Video Content 

Nowadays video content is booming around 70% of B2B decision-makers prefer to watch the video in their buyer’s journey. 


  1. Share Infographics Content 

Infographics are always grabbed more attention to professional. They are 300% more likely to get shared than other content. So start posting on your page.

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