The new Era of Digital Marketing has changed the game for business leaders. The nascent technology is evolving like never before, making it difficult for the top executives to cope up with the latest techniques required to make sure their companies are at the leading edge of digital marketing; else, they will be left behind in this game.

The ever-increasing demands of the Digital Era are obliging solution providers to unlock their digital marketing skills to keep pace with the market and grow with it. That’s exactly what we help you with!

Who We Are?

DM Mates Academy is an outreach initiative specialized in offering today’s most in-demand skills through an ecosystem where acquiring the right set of skills for an individual is fast, easy and great fun.

We provide full-fledged live classroom training for students, professionals, corporate and entrepreneurs by a passionate team of marketers, writers and industry specialists inspired by the growing digital era and its power to flip the nation’s economy.